guns and roses


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released November 4, 2014

paris dean

nov '14


tags: pop New Paltz


all rights reserved


SLIME BOYZ New Paltz, New York


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Track Name: oh, scrousers! how thoughtful : 3
backyard thoughtmode lawnchair overload gotta mow tomorrow but tonight im in cricket mode lemonade in the evening thursday in the morning 19 20 93 tis the season for the pleasin hit up aunt louisa pizza no me grease-ah me and my celestial boys gonna have ourselves a feast-ah
Track Name: dean farm [and scene]
favorite movies in descending order fight club fight club fight club favorite books in descending order fight club fight club
Track Name: funk twins
jesus call the cops on me gokart reality finally caught up with me sneaky busman have me met before perchance on fear factor great contestant of yore funk twins broadway was not a dream it happened to me and people close to me were u there when felt the breeze when i dreamed of dean what i deemed u mean
Track Name: rise of peabnut bubber
oh im a pig im a girl im a boy god of my mind im little but i get a lot of money thoughts turn 2 the private vibe

the secret shit i cannot wield none of my business but i saw your recipeee
Track Name: carmines clam world and limo service
i know i will always be the same a sperm waiting for I know I will always be the same a sperm swimming through this earth giving my life away
for nothin in my daddy's nuts I love knowing that im worth merging with mommy's egg I know I will always be the same an egg waiting for the one waiting until I die and then I wash up on the earth a speck dreaming of your life dreaming until i die
Track Name: mmm
do u i want 2 say this to u gotta get this through 2 u, but i don't want to see you do you but... do you : /
Track Name: stop thinking about cevin
sometimes i feel like i dont a problem sometimes i feel like my only friend is the city of dream of the city of angels lonely as i am together we cry i walk on the streets cuz shes my companion i walk through the hills bc she knows who i am she sees my good deeds and kisses me windyi never worry now that is a lie i dont ever want to feel like i did that day take me to the place i love take me all the way!